The sunset had been sensational,
a cacophony of pastels and
watercolours spreading across the entirety of the sky,
engulfing the world in a haze of pinks,
washing all that the light touched with a magical warmth.
But it had lasted just a moment;
like going to listen to a performance of Sibelius' Finlandia, and stopping as soon as the timpani are
Yes, you get the best part,
and how wonderful those few bars of trombone are,
but you miss the greater (and it is great) picture.
It took me but a moment to get from my bedroom window to the street,
to witness what the world clearly was indicating that I should,
and in that time the magic had dissipated,
leaving nothing but a faint orange tease of what had preceded.
Not much later, it was completely dark. Darker than the night usually is,
that rare occasion where even those
most fond of the darkness are made uneasy by the closeness of the sky, and the vastness of it in equal measure.
It made for a stark contrast, a disconcerting comparison that couldn't help but be made,
between the candy floss that filled the world as heaven opened its heart,
for a moment,
and the bleak, uncompromising discomfort of the loneliness that darkness brings.
Once that thick, black, blanket,
blocking out moon and stars,
and engulfing even the most prominent lights here on earth, takes
you in,
there is little that you can do to escape.
You have to give yourself up to the darkness,
embrace it,
embrace both what it offers, and what it takes away from you.
Once you do this, it is not too dissimilar to giving yourself over to the ocean;
as soon as the shock is dealt with, it is
replaced by a particular meditative bliss,
giving you the real time, without distractions,
to enter into your own mind, appreciate and explore your thoughts and experiences,
and affect your state of mind with a relaxation that is otherwise unparalleled.

America is not perfect

Far from it in fact,

But today there is hope

That we are on a better track 

A kinder, loving, more inclusive road,

To this day, seemingly the one less travelled,

But from the new President,

A message to the whole country

A plea for all to fight together

Through the clear hardships

Not just of the present day

But those deeply ingrained in society 

And I have belief,

Something ive lacked for some time

That finally, again,

I can be proud to be American